Coming soon…

I have a bunch of ideas for 2019 that I wanted to let you know about. I’ll of course being posting real time photos to instagram as I'm making and hopefully starting a blog to keep you better updated but in the mean time here are my exciting ideas (hopefully you get excited too!)



I’m currently in the process of stream lining my commissioning process, I want to show you what’s possible so that my work is more customisable and unique to you! I want to show you what I've made, what can be made and what you can change. Exciting stuff.


Core Collection

I have many designs- lots of different materials, colours etc.. however I want a clear collection based on non-specific contours that you then know I make. This is something I’ve never done before. I think it’ll be a challenge but I’m looking forward to it. Then everything will be sorted, simple and ready for you in my online shop. 



I want to update you guys more. Keep you in the loop. Therefore I’m going to start a blog, hopefully every month and send it out to my email. So make sure you sign up below.

The First Post is now up - Check it out here!

JS-Blog-Photo_12.13.2018_v1 (2).jpg

Limited edition

In April I switched it up for my birthday month! I went bold. I forget my usual colour palette of greens, blues and browns I embraced pantones colour of the year for 2019 - Living Coral.


Coming soon - a page featuring what happened during Limited Edition April - Coral Collection.



I’ll also be pushing my prints further, making more. different mountains, more sizes, more colours. I’ll also be offering a service to print an area of your choice.