An update of everything since graduation...

Its been 229 days since I wore a cap and gown in 30+ degree weather and walked across a stage before running through Southbank’s water fountain. So much has happened since then, so much is planned for the future and I want to celebrate and communicate more. Therefore I have (finally) started this newsletter/blog.

You’ll be able to read the ups & the downs, what’s happening, where and all about my work.

Graduating is pretty awesome. Handing everything in, then celebrating, then getting the marks back, setting up Grad Show and then celebrating harder, and then the graduating ceremony and once again, celebrating. Lots of highs..

Then there was New Designers, an emotionally and physically exhausting week which I compare to The Hunger Games for emerging creative talent. But still totally worth it, I learnt so much and have applied to be part of the show in the One Year In section in July (Fingers Crossed). The event is perfect for networking, and that I did. I was also lucky enough to be talent spotted by The Goldsmiths Centre, A big confidence boost. In hindsight I was glad I took part but immediately after the show we were all feeling pretty deflated.

After a very chill summer taking in the heat wave and doing some pretty relaxed part-time work I began a job as an Art Technician at a school near Bury St Edmunds.

At the beginning of September I was lucky enough to have images of my work at IJL as I was a runner up in the Bright Young Gem award. Then in October I exhibited at Handmade in Kew as part of Arts Tread. What an Experience that was. A rollercoaster of highs and lows.

Next came a school trip to Tours, France and then 6 Artists Collectives invited me to be their guest artist at their pop-up back where I went to University- Farnham, Surrey. A great experience where I learnt a lot from the artists I was exhibiting with.

Then came preparations for my first Christmas market. I was selected with a few other artists by Hotel Elephant to take part in their Christmas Market with which I would also receive business training by The Design Trust. Not hugely successful but a lot learnt again.

Next came a well deserved break for Christmas. One that was hugely needed, during which I popped to Barcelona.

Since Christmas it had been pretty quiet, as to be expected. I was very lucky to be featured in CreativPaper, my first ever interview in a publication. I’ve been using this quiet time for planning lots and am excited about the future (I think, as long as everything goes smoothly). All my plans can be discovered over on my Coming Soon page. In January I also gave my website a much needed make-over so check it out if you haven't yet. Next to come is a page about Commissions, How to make one, The different options and past pieces I’ve created.

This first blog post has been a bit of a download about what’s happened over the past months. In the future I’m hoping to give you more insight, in smaller more specific posts as things are happening.. (I’m currently up in UKYA Nottingham Takeover exhibiting with 250 other artists so it’s likely I’ll be doing a review of that! Sign up to my newsletter if you’d like to get these posts directly to your inbox and keep up to date.)

In conclusion being an art graduate is pretty tough, there’s moments I wanna just wanna get a ‘normal job’, many things don’t go smoothly but I’m learning to adapt in the moment. It’s when something awesome happens to remember why I’m doing it. Bring on the rest of 2019 (Another post about that coming soon!)